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My name is Joshua William Green and I am a bi-coastal artist originally from Youngstown, Ohio. I come from an extremely MUSIC HEAVY family. My parents, as well as the Greens had already established a professional Identity as musicians and concert/opera performers. I started my stage career at the age of 6 touring in SOUTH PACIFIC with the Kenley Players. My more was a part of the core company in The Kenley Players of Dayton, Oh. We usually spent our summers as a kid with my mother as she toured with Kenley. When they began securing the cast for South Pacific with stars such as Robert Goulet and Paige O'Hara, they immediately inquired to my mother if I could sing and act being that I would already be with her for rehearsals and travel. There was only one way to find out, I auditioned and the rest was history.


The Green family has a very strong reputation in music, arts, activism and ministry in Ohio. My parents Michael S. Green Sr. and Karen Clark-Green were extremely talented. My father, an accomplished musician, played various instruments and had played with many major artists and spent countless hours in the studio created magic for other artists.  My mother Karen grew up as a resident performer and dancer at Packard Music Hall. She also studied and performed classical music in and out of the united states and a large resume in professional theater as well. They gave birth to four artists, I am the youngest. The "Grand Finale" as my mother likes to call me in The Green Dynasty. In 1998 my mother finally decided to let me dance with her students. These students became the origin story for the Archangel Dance Theater. I was seven years old when I started and by 9 years old I w as the youngest member of the company.


I performed all over the nation in my high school years in The Youngstown Connection and The Archangel Dance Theater Company. The Youngstown Connection is an elite song and dance troupe comprised of only 12 students from The Youngstown area. The group specializes in Jazz, Classical, Patriotic and inspirational music. We would perform 30-45 minute sets that promoted a message of peace love and brotherhood. You could find us performing anywhere from The Mayor's Ball, to the Macy's Day Parade, Lincoln Center or right on the other side of town at your grandmother's nursing home. in 2006 I was 17 years old when we were entered into the Congressional Record in Washington DC for our concert tour in China. We toured Bei-Jing and Xian as "good will embassadors" for the United States. Things like this were very common for The Youngstown Connection which is still under the direction of Dr. Carol Baird.


I trained in musical theater and dance at the American Musical & Dramatuc Academy in New York and The Youngstown State University. During college and after I spent most of my time teaching various dance classes at Ballet Western Reserve and musical theater workshops at The Youngstown Playhouse. Theater truly was more of a college discovery, but I quickly immersed my life in it. I performed all over the are in shows from Top Hat Productions, The Youngstown Playhouse and even The Youngstown Symphony.


The Youngstown Playhouse gave me the avenue to create my own brand to operate under. #PerformanceNow was born in 2015 as I began to do my own professional, coachings, workshops and cabarets in the Moyer Room of The Youngstown Playhouse. I premiered my first original show in that room. THE DIVA EXPERIENCE. A show that highlights the major Divas in music and performance through America's history. Directed, choreographed and musically arranged and directed by Joshua William Green. #PerformanceNow is still growing and most recently I had the priveledge of getting the #PerformanceNow Voices hired to sing background for the 2018 tour of ROCKTOPIA!


My first major professional credit came in April 2016 when I was hired as a replacement on The Ragtime Revival tour. This show was my very first book musical back in 2009 at Tophat Productions, I had already done it three times by this point so it was a perfect fit. From Ragtime I got to bring to life NATIVITY: The Hope with my mother Karen Clark-Green. The show made it's world premier in December 2016 at The Youngstown Playhouse. Written and directed by Karen Clark-Green. With music that she wrote and I arranged. My siblings and I, also known as Green Dynasty Family, contributed original music to production as well. I also ended up being the lead choreographer on the show as well as starring in it as the Biblical Joseph. Immediately after christmas I did my first big move to Lancaster, PA. I had no idea the impact this special place would have on my life. I was cast in JONAH and THE MIRACLE OF CHRISTMAS at Sight and Sound Theatres. I had an amazing twelve month contract doing over 500 shows with them. I also had the chance to exposed to Lancaster's amazing arts and theater community. Summer of 2017 I did my first show with Servant Stage Company. A concert version of THE CIVIL WAR where I played Benjamin. I am now acquainted and work quite consistently in the performing community in Lancaster.


After my year in Lancaster I made my official move to NYC where I booked my first gig on my way to the city. I traveled to NYC on my birthday January 23rd and on January 24th I was singing for the press release for ROCKTOPIA ON BROADWAY! A project that I actually sang for almost 10 years prior in its first original production with The Youngstown Symphony. It was co-written by my very good friend Randall Craig Fleischer, director of the Youngstown Symphony Orchestra. It was yet another sign that God was sending me in the right direction. In the coming months I had been hired to play Booker T. Washington in my fifth production of RAGTIME at Revival Theater Company, hired by The Harlem Gospel Choir to sing background for Sam Smith on the 2018 Grammy awards, originated a role in the world premier of BRIGHT AND BRAVE: A New Musical and began touring with the broadway musical FINDING NEVERLAND.


Since Neverland it's been a continuous life of regional theater, concerts, two original shows in Manhattan and so much more. I am very proud of my life of performing and teaching. I love that I have the opportunity to share my experience and training with people of all ages. #PerformanceNow has allowed me to offer services as an acting coach, vocal coach, choreographer, talent agent  and talent scout.

As of April 1st, 2021 I officially became the new artistic director of The Youngstown Playhouse of Youngstown, Ohio. A place that has helped shape my love and knowledge for theatre and the performing arts. The Youngstown Playhouse is the oldest community theatre in the country and carries the weight of almost 100 years of excellence in theatre. I held this office until January 1st, 2022. It was my pleasure to steer this amazing ship as an interim leader. I resigned in full confidence that our team placed the company on an avenue for success. 

I am truly thankful for the artistic inheritance God gave me.

Today you can find Joshua performing, teaching or coaching in Lancaster, PA ~ Youngstown, Oh ~ New York, NY ~ Atlanta, GA ~ Los Angelas, CA

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